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Small Business Success – services we offer to help our clients reach their goals.

Serra Marketing Australia affordable website design


Before we develop anything we listen and learn about your business, your customers, your industry and importantly your objectives.


Once we've discussed the best way forward with you, we develop a website that tells your story, connects to your audience and helps you achieve your goals.


Websites are the marketing heart of a company and without one, you don't exist for many customers or potential customers.

With 97% of Australians going online to find and verify a company prior to engaging with them. 



Having a website that is discoverable is invaluable for acquiring new customers. We develop and implement a site optimised to ensure Google and your customers can find you.


When you are happy with your site, we hand over all log-in information so you can self-manage. Or if you choose, we can offer you ongoing support. There are no contracts – just pay for the work we do.

Serra Marketing bringing people to your website



If websites are the marketing heart of a business, then digital strategies are the veins that take the flow of interested customers to your business heart – your website. 


The art of Digital Marketing is knowing which strategies to use and how best to use them.


Australian's are big users of Social Media, with 62% accessing social media 1-5+ times a day. Using Social media to research and discover businesses from 65% using Social Media to research Travel and Accommodation, 41% to reach tradies, 32% to find personal services.


We work with you to discover where your customers are online and create compelling messages to attract them to your business and website with the intention of them becoming your customer.


Digital strategies can include email, blogs, video and social media, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The mix will depend on your business and your objectives.


Serra Marketing brochures


Not everything in marketing is digital, nor are we.


We offer a wide variety of off-line or traditional marketing services. We design and produce:

  • logos that represent your business

  • business cards

  • brochures

  • banners

  • anything else you need to support the promotion and growth of your business.


Give yourself a professional edge when presenting to potential customers by delivering your information on company branded Powerpoint or Keynote templates. We can build your presentations and create marketing materials to leave with your customers post-presentation.

Consistency is important when you are presenting your business, so we work with your current branding to ensure messaging is aligned.