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marketing consultant

Hi, I'm Amanda, known as Panda to my dearest friends and the reason I have so many panda-themed objects!
For 20+ years, I have worked in the consumer goods industry and lived the "executive dream" – travelling every few months to the US, Europe and China, meeting with business partners and clients, and amassing volumes of knowledge regarding business development. These were great times, and I achieved great success, from triple-digit growth to global brand development.

In 2017, I made a bold move. Driven by a desire to use my skills to help people, I turned my back on the consumerism-fueled industry. I set out to work with individuals following their business dreams. As a team, my experience serves as a guide while their vision and passion drive their business forward.

About me

Outside of work, I'm a mum to a fabulous son, step-mum to a wonderful daughter, and carer of many pets.


Living in inner-city Melbourne, I consume far too much coffee, and due to my nickname, I own, perhaps, too many panda themed objects.

Want to know how my expertise can help your business?
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